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The Scale Racing Carrera Scramble is a proxy race for both beginner and experienced tuners/racers using Carrera DTM 1:32 scale slot cars. Beginners can enter the stock class with only minor car preparation needed/allowed while advanced tuners can try their skills with the new Shapeways chassis from Slot.it and others plus modifications galore.

Competition Classes: 


Shapeways or similar chassis allowed 
22k max motor @ 12V 
Wheels, gears, axles FREE 

Standard requirements and allowed modifications for both classes: 
No traction magnets 
Carrera Red Guide (85309) (black version ok), BRM (S-126) or stock guide trimmed, or similar. (Guide must be able to negotiate a Scalextric R1. )
All tires must touch and roll 
All wheels/tires must be inside/under body 
Stock interior/glass 
Wings required 
Front Tires - stock 
Rear Tires – Any Urethane tire designed for Carrera DTM cars 
OK to remove reverse switch 
Ballast allowed – must be inside body 
Chassis trim for body float 
Stock plastic wheels can be sanded 
Tires can be glued and trued 
Front tires can be treated with nail polish 
Motor and bearings can be glued

Race Central
1385 SE Jacquelin Dr.
Hillsboro, OR 97123