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Round two was held in Portland, Oregon at Al's Rippin' Ridin' Raceway on a rather pleasant evening as the rain had let up for a few days.

On the track the cars were challenged to complete nine minutes of intense racing action which most did but this time there were casualties.

The Class A car of wrlw lost a lead wire during it's final heat reducing an otherise good run.  Even worse for the Class B car of Lance who lost a wheel during it's second heat due to a stripped retaining screw.

In a repeat of the first event CJ74 took the flag for the Class A cars.  Lance and arroldn gave chase and ended with a econd place tie to round out the podium. 

In the B Class Aloha took the crown as well as first overall.  ALS just nosed out Steeveew by one tenth of a lap for second place.

The cars will move to Tacoma for the next segment of racing action.


It was a rainy Thursday night in Hillsboro when a dedicated group of racers arrived at Penguin Point to put get the 2019 Carrera Scramble proxy series off the ground.

All cars successfully completed nine minutes of intense racing action with no casualties.  If there was one lesson it was that soft competition braid is not a good match for a track with recessed braid.  The softer they get, the less contact is made.

In a stunner, first place overall for the night was claimed by a Class A car. The flashy orange car of CJ74 proved to be the best of the field with a total of 68.2 laps. Smooth and confident, it ruled the night.

In the B Class where the modified cars run supreme Lance claimed a narrow victory over Aloha by a mere 6/10 of a lap.

As tight as the Pen is, this was a clear victory for smooth and consistent. There are other tracks that may be more advantageous to the pure speed of the Class B cars but for tonight, on this track, the A Class cars proved to be the ticket with four of the top six cars overall.

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